Welcome to SouthWorks MakerLab Park Forest





If you are a hobbyist or aspiring hobbyist, an artist or aspiring artist, an engineer or aspiring engineer or a person that just likes to design and work on real world projects, SouthWorks MakerLab  provides you a place where you can bring your ideas and aspirations to reality.

The SouthWorks MakerLab is a “maker space” where you can learn about and work with some the of tools that are being used today in science, technology and the arts to create and enrich the world you live in.  Use design programs on the MakerLab computers to give your ideas shape, then use a 3D printer, laser cutter or computer controlled router to give them substance then learn how to use inexpensive computer controllers to animate your projects with light, movement or sound.

Please stop by the SouthWorks MakerLab any time the space is open and bring your ideas with you.



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