On The Right Foot: This 3D Printing Incubator Is Liberating Engineers (And Much More)



 Source: GE Reports

Jimmie Beacham is in charge of a futuristic laboratory in Waukesha, Wisconsin. His team of a dozen engineers is helping 70 GE Healthcare factories sprinkled around world explore 3D printing, augmented reality, robotics, big data and other software and technologies. One group, for example, is looking for ways to quickly and efficiently translate image files of organs from computed tomography (CT) scanners and other imaging machines so they can be printed. “Today, when people print organs, it can take anywhere from a week to three weeks to manipulate the data,” Beacham says. “We want to do it with a click of a button.” Read more.


Here at SouthWorks, we’ve actually done this with some free software named Invesalius. Using CT scans, we printed out a complete head. We cut it open, and you can see the ear canals, tonsils, nasal passages, and more. If we cut it in a different place, we could see even more internal details. The 3D version provides a much better way to view and assess the body than going through 2D slices one-by-one. And it’s free!


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