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One of the favorite projects at SouthWorks is creating 3D printed bugs and monsters using Sculptris software. Many people are at first intimidated when they hear about 3D design and think about the heavy duty industrial CAD/CAM programs that take years to master and cost $1,000s each year.

Sculptris is more art-oriented and intuitive. Plus, it’s free!

From elementary school students to senior citizens, everyone seems to get the hang of it within minutes. Think of a ball of clay and how you would create something with it. You’d pull, twist, compress, stretch, etc. until you molded the clay into whatever you’re designing. Sculptris works the same way. You start with a ball of material on the screen and use a handful of simple tools to pull, compress, stretch it into a shape. You can add additional balls of material to make more complex shapes, and you can then paint the shapes on the screen.

From Sculptris website gallery

Finally, you can then send them to the 3D printer.

Below are some recent examples done by SouthWorks clients:

Sculptris example1 Sculptris example4  Sculptris example2Sculptris example3


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