Learn About 3D Printing And Doing Intricate Castings

3D printed original
Silicone mold

You can 3D print objects, primarily in plastic. However, you can also create 3D models which you can then use to make castings in other materials- jewelry in precious metals, figurines, miniatures, railroad and other collectibles, and even chocolate.

Henry Locke, Maker extraordinaire and creator of Flex Vat 3D printer components, built one of his 3D printers for us. SLA printing uses a vat of light sensitive resin cured by a video projector to create amazingly detailed forms- think Terminator with the alien rising out of the vat of goop!

The main focus of the presentation will be how to make silicone molds from 3d printed masters and using those molds to make castings:

  • Learn how the SLA printer works
  • Tips for designing and printing your 3D object to be casting-friendly
  • We’ll have one or more 3D prints to demo
  • We’ll make a silicone mold and make one or more polyurethane castings but also discuss how to work with other materials.

Watch a video of the SLA printing a heart! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QsVX98-eP8)

This event is free.

DATE: March 9, 2019

TIME: 1pm to 3pm


Attendees Have Fun At Arduino/Electronics Workshop


This past Saturday, workshop attendees had fun learning circuit design and micro-controller programming using Arduinos. Students programmed flashing LEDs in various sequences, sounds using a piezo speaker, and more.

Flashbacks to the ’80s and 90’s occurred as the theme songs of PacMan and Star Wars came from the Arduino boards.







Our instructor, Robin Moseley,  a former Bell Labs scientist who designed microcontrollers and other hardware and software, explained what a microcontroller is, circuit design, and the many uses of Arduinos and  similar boards. He brought in many of the projects he has built with Arduinos, including drones, robots light displays, sound synthesizers, music samplers and connected devices (Nest, Alexa, etc.) sorts of things that can be easy DIY projects.
















Students left with a full development kit including the Arduino, breadboard for wiring circuits prior to soldering permanent connections, sensors and resources to find and make more projects.



Opportunity Works Visits SouthWorks


The 18 participants in OAI’s Opportunity Works manufacturing jobs training program spent the day in the MakerLab learning design software and laser cutter operations.

 Medallion wood etch




Each of them left with a medallion they designed and ran through the machine. A number of them vowed to return to work on additional designs for personal items and gifts.