Attendees Have Fun At Arduino/Electronics Workshop


This past Saturday, workshop attendees had fun learning circuit design and micro-controller programming using Arduinos. Students programmed flashing LEDs in various sequences, sounds using a piezo speaker, and more.

Flashbacks to the ’80s and 90’s occurred as the theme songs of PacMan and Star Wars came from the Arduino boards.







Our instructor, Robin Moseley,  a former Bell Labs scientist who designed microcontrollers and other hardware and software, explained what a microcontroller is, circuit design, and the many uses of Arduinos and  similar boards. He brought in many of the projects he has built with Arduinos, including drones, robots light displays, sound synthesizers, music samplers and connected devices (Nest, Alexa, etc.) sorts of things that can be easy DIY projects.
















Students left with a full development kit including the Arduino, breadboard for wiring circuits prior to soldering permanent connections, sensors and resources to find and make more projects.



Intro to Arduinos and Electronics







Our most popular workshop is back! Attend while Robin is still available!

Learn the basics for micro-controller coding and design in our workshop hosted by Robin Mosely, Great Lakes IT, Inc., CEO and a former Bell Labs board designer.

The workshop provides basics for creating and programming your own projects using the Arduino UNO. And Robin can answer ANY question you have about electronics!

Class price includes Arduino, breadboard, connectors, LEDs, and several sensors you get to take home!

Cost: $40

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Learn Arduino


Learn electronics and coding while building several cool projects using the Arduino Uno micro-controller. Arduinos run machines, robots, garage door openers, and more.

Build a motion detector, a musical instrument, an LED light display, and more. Take home the full kit and instructions for additional fascinating projects.

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