Model Railroading and Miniature Builders

Al’s outhouse

If you’re into model railroading, you’ve probably purchased kits to build extremely authentic replicas of buildings, scenery, vehicles, and other objects that make your layout come to life.

Why not easily create your own one-of-a-kind pieces? Al quickly designed and laser cut the sample outhouse above. He added the amazing details of the weathered paint and vent stack, and it makes it realistic enough to use!

You can also start with a kit/design you have, and we can show you how to modify it to make it uniquely yours.

You can also use the CNC router in the lab to “carve” your own logs, create non-linear/non-flat details on your creation, and create other details. 3D designs are out there (free and paid) to 3D print layout pieces. Those design files can also be used to CNC your item out of wood, plastic, Corian, soft metals, foam, cork, etc.